The Participation in the XVI Congress of French language teachers (Assises) in St. Petersburg


Faina Vasilievna Zimina, French language teacher, associate professor, director of the French Resource Center (FRC) of the Arctic State Institute for cooperation with France, took part in the Congress of French language teachers (Assises) at the St. Petersburg University of Economics online. The congress was organized by the French Embassy in the Russian Federation for universities that signed cooperation agreements with French universities. The theme of the congress is “Higher education institutions and the crisis caused by COVID-19. Basic provisions and perspectives of education”. The working language of the congress is French.

The opening of the congress was made by the new ambassador of France to the Russian Federation, Mr. Pierre Levy, attaché for cooperation in the field of education Michael Korish and adviser on cultural issues of the French Embassy Fabrice Rousseau.

French Ambassador to Russia Pierre Levy (source:

Attaché for cooperation in the field of education

Michael Korish

Cultural Counselor at the French Embassy

Fabrice Rousseau

Rectors from the universities of Paris-Sorbonne, Paris-Dauphin, Grenoble-Alpes, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille and other cities made reports at the plenary session. Topical

issues of distance learning were discussed at seminars and round tables: digital resources in teaching French, teaching culture, assessing students' knowledge, etc.

Within the framework of the congress, round tables were held where the problems of phonetics of the French language were discussed. Faina Vasilievna Zimina took an active part in the discussion of the round table on phonetics, where the issues of correcting errors in pronunciation in virtual groups and the communicative interaction of teachers and students in distance learning were considered.

Participation in the work of the Congress provides deeper knowledge, motivation and advanced experience of work in the new conditions of the modern world. These are the necessary refresher courses in teaching a foreign language, in particular French. At the end of the training, each teacher was awarded a certificate from the French Embassy in Russia.