Institute symbol

The symbol of the institute is the mythological bird Aguguk from the performance "My Desired Blue Coast ...", which was staged by Andrei Savvich Borisov in the Sakha Drama Theater (based on the story "Piebald Dog Running by the Edge of the Sea" by Ch. Aitmatov). The performance was ​​awarded the USSR State Prize.
According to the Nivkh legend, which was the basis for Ch. Aitmatov's story, Aguguk helps travelers choose the right way to the shore. The rustle of her wings shows the boy Kirisk, the main character of the play, lost in the foggy sea, the way to his native shore.
The image of Aguguk later became conceptual when the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts was created in 2000.
The bird, as a symbol of finding its own path in life, the path to the desired blue shore, glows on the pediment of the institute building, recalling the mission of the institute - the preservation and enhancement of the potential of culture and art of the peoples of the North of Russia and their advancement into the Russian and world cultural and educational space. The result of the mission should be a creative specialist with fundamental knowledge and spiritual values ​​that will help him direct the cultural life in the Arctic.
A.S. Borisov, rector-organizer: “The creation of the Arctic Institute of Culture and Arts allows you to take a fresh look at the cultural heritage of peoples who have lived in the North since ancient times, to assess the role of academic types of professional art in the fate of these peoples, to set the task of developing modern forms of professionalism based on traditional cultures. It must be remembered that the peoples of the Arctic are among the few peoples that are entering the 21st century with their preserved traditional culture. In the context of the creation of the Arctic Institute of Culture and Arts, the prospects for the preservation, adaptation and development of the culture of the peoples of the Arctic are being rethought ”.