Institute today

Today, the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts (ASICA) is the base, the only regional higher educational institution in Russia, which trains personnel in the field of culture and arts for the largest region of Russia - the North-East of the Arctic zone. ASICA is one of the well-known leaders in the training of creative personnel for the small peoples of the Arctic. The key to the institute's attractiveness for young people in the regions of the North, Siberia and the Far East is the specificity of the content of educational programs, based on the combination of academic arts with the cultural traditions of the peoples of the Arctic.

Currently, the institute carries out educational activities in 23 educational programs, as well as in 6 programs of additional education: refresher courses, professional training (in all specialties taught in the specialized departments of the institute), educational and methodological seminars, master classes of professors - teaching staff of institute, leading figures of arts and culture, "School of the Arctic State Institute" (creative circles and studios for students), short-term courses for adults.

798 students study at the institute in full-time and part-time forms. Among them there are students from the regions of the Russian Federation - the Taimyr Municipal District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Magadan Region, and the Khabarovsk Territory. Foreign students from educational institutions that are members of the University of the Arctic come for short-term internships.

The institute teaching staff currently numbers 93 people. At the origins of the Arctic Institute outstanding figures of arts and culture, who are bearer of the high national titles “People's Artist of Russia” and “Honored Artist of Russia”, stood and work today: Andrei Borisov, Arthur Vasiliev, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Aya Yakovleva, Albina Borisova-Kychkina, Aitalina Adamova-Afanasyeva, Valentina Kolodeznikova, Nikolai Pikutsky, Stepanida Borisova, Efim Stepanov, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, laureate State Prize. P.A. Oyunsky Valentina Chusovskaya, Honored Artists of Russia Konstantin Mamontov and Yuri Spiridonov, Honored Art Worker of Russia Zinaida Ivanova-Unarova, Doctors of Art History Yuri Sheikin, Angelina Lukina, Oksana Dobzhanskaya, Doctor of Sociology, Honored Worker of Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Ulyana Vinokurova, Doctor of Culturology Yuri Kitov, Olga Shlykova, Tatyana Lyapkina, Honored Artists of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Irina Borisova, Honored Art Workers of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Maria Rakhleeva, Tuyaara Shaposhnikova, Mikhail Starostin, Marianna Lukina, Radomir Borisov, Vladimir Nikulin, etc.

The honorary titles of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) are held by 30 teachers, the degree of Doctor of Science and the academic title of Professor - 7 people, Candidates of Science, 32 teachers are associate professors.

Our university has 9 departments:
- Department of Folk Art,
- Department of Art History,
- Department of Musical Art,
- Department of Theater Arts,
- Department of Social and Cultural Activities and Culture Management,
- Department of Painting and Graphics,
- Department of Library and Information Activities and Humanities,
- Department of Design and Crafts of the Peoples of the Arctic,
- Department of Information Technologies.

Training takes place in equipped classrooms for lectures and seminars and individual lessons, there are choreographic halls, workshops of painting, graphics, design, artistic bone processing, specialized classes in vocal, instrumental performance, theory and history of music, rehearsal rooms for educational theater and folk orchestra instruments, library, music library.

The Institute has established relations with the Education Center of the Sami Region (Inari, Finland), Lapland University (Finland), Sami University College (Norway), Mongolian University of Culture and Arts, Kemyon University (Daegu, Republic of Korea), Center for Eastern Europe of Warsaw University, The State Hermitage of Russia, the Moscow State Institute of Culture, the East Siberian State Institute of Culture, the Far Eastern Federal University, the Krasnoyarsk State Art Institute, the Institute of the Peoples of the North of the Russian State Pedagogical University. A.I. Herzen, North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov, Institute for Humanitarian Research and Problems of Small Peoples of the North, SB RAS, etc.

The scientific activity of the Arctic State Institute of Arts and Culture is aimed at ensuring a modern level of training, creating a theoretical and methodological base for the development of the educational process, providing training, retraining and advanced training of workers of culture and arts.

The leading school of Russia in the field of ethnomusicology, headed by Yuriy. Sheikin was founded at the institute. The researchers of this school are studying the musical and folklore heritage of the peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East. Scientific achievements were highly appreciated by the Fund of the International Prize. Fumiko Koizumi (2007, Japan). The Museum of Musical Instruments of the Peoples of North Asia was opened at the Institute in 2017 on the basis of the unique personal collection of Prof. Yuriy Sheikin. The exhibits were collected as a result of more than 25 years of field collection and expeditions.

Another important direction of the Institute's work is the research center of circumpolar civilization, headed by Doctor of Sociological Sciences Uliana Vinokurova. In July 2013 Vinokurova U.A. received a certificate on "Discovery of the phenomenon of the Arctic circumpolar civilization."

The Institute Research Center is an organizer of the International Scientific and Practical Conference (workshop) “Argunov Readings; Interregional scientific-practical conference "Ethnopedagics: problems and prospects" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of V.F. Afanasyev, 90th anniversary of G.N. Volkov, to the 90th anniversary of K.S. Chiryaev at the request of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia); International Symposium "Science of Culture: pro et contra" (St. Petersburg, 2017); Round table "Cold and Civilization" (Moscow, 2017). In August 2017, the research center carried out a socially significant project "Design of warm clothes at the Pole of Cold" with the participation of representatives of the University of Lapland (Finland), the Arctic Federal University (Murmansk region).

International cooperation at the institute was identified as one of the priority areas of activity. Since 2002, the institute began cooperation with the University of the Arctic as an observer, and in 2003 became its full member and takes part in the North2North student mobility exchange program. The entry into the educational and scientific space of the University of the Arctic significantly intensified the international relations of the institute: the exchange of students and teachers began, the participation of AGIIK in the thematic networks of the University of the Arctic was determined, joint seminars, conferences, festivals began to be organized. In the creative and scientific direction, the institute closely cooperates with the universities of the Netherlands, Iceland, France, Mongolia and the People's Republic of China.

In January 2019, a student Tiefain Branca arrived at our institute under the student exchange program with the Rhine School of Arts (Strasbourg, France) to study at the Department of Painting and Graphics. Dunaeva Kunnei, a 3rd year student of the Design direction, is studying in Strasbourg under the same program.

Also, at the present time, the Mongolian University of Culture and Arts is studying in the speciality Vocal Art (urtyn duu-long song) Lebedeva Praskovya, a 2nd year student of the direction "Folk Art".
Admission to the main educational programs of bachelor's, master's and specialities is carried out. In the postgraduate study, scientific and pedagogical personnel are trained.
Today the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts prepares specialists for undergraduate programs:
1. Acting;
2. Directing;
3. Vocal art;
4. Musical and instrumental performance;
5. Musicology;
6. Choreographic art;
7. Painting;
8. Graphics;
9. Design;
10. Folk Art;
11. Cultural Studies;
12. Decorative arts and folk crafts;
13. Socio-cultural activities;
14. Library and information activities;
15. Management of social and cultural activities;
16. Information Technologies;
17. Museology;
Master's degree:
1. Folk Art;
2. Design;
3. Museology;
4. Vocal art.
Postgraduate studies:
1. Musicology,
2. Theory and history of culture (Cultural Studies).
The Institute is actively developing additional professional education. A large number of advanced training and professional retraining programs have been developed.
Under the auspices of the institute, the portals "Memory of Yakutia", "Kuyaar - Observatory of Cultural Diversity and Education of the People of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)" and "Circumpolar Civilization in the Museums of the World", the site "Music for All" operate.
An important area of work is artistic and creative activity. A significant part of students and teachers is included in dozens of creative teams, studios, laboratories, takes an active part in concert activities, festivals, competitions in Russia, the region, and the world.
The institute, which prepares future specialists in the field of culture and art, pays special attention to the creativity of students. The institute is proud of the achievements of the Aar-Aartyk students’ folk dance ensemble, the Tuyerken students’ theater, the Folk Instruments Orchestra, the Opera Studio, the Dolun ritual group, which have won recognition in the region, country and world.
The ensemble "Aar-Aartyk" is a laureate of international folklore festivals in Italy, Spain, a participant in the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, a multiple laureate of All-Russian competitions and festivals, a participant in the international project of the Norwegian University and the Tromso Conservatory for the preservation of ethnocultural identity and cultural diversity of the peoples of the Arctic. Multiple winner of the Grand Prix of the Republican National Competition "Yakutia Dances". At the invitation of the leadership of the Igor Moiseyev State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble, students attended rehearsal classes and performed dances of the peoples of the North and the Arctic.
An active concert work is carried out by the laureate of international competitions - the Orchestra of Folk Instruments, which is the leading professional group in the Far East and Yakutia, the only orchestra of Russian folk instruments in the republic, similar in composition to the Academic Orchestra. N. Osipova. His repertoire includes more than 200 original works by Yakut, Russian, foreign composers, as well as transcriptions of classics. He participates in all festivals and events held in the republic with solo concerts, constantly tours in Yakutia, as well as in the Far East region (Vladivostok, Ussuriisk). Since 2017, with the active participation and assistance of the Orchestra of Folk Instruments, the All-Russian Festival-Competition of Performers on Folk Instruments "Arctic Constellations" has been held.
The student folklore group of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts "Dolun" was organized in 2016, it includes students of the Department of Folk Art on the profile "Directing the Ethnocultural Center". The repertoire contains several directions: the traditional performance of the heroic epic olonkho, Yakut folk songs, folk traditional songs of the peoples of the Arctic. Dolun is a laureate of many republican, all-Russian and international competitions and festivals of epic performers. The team has big creative plans for the preservation, development and promotion of the traditional culture of the peoples of the Arctic.
At the Department of Social and Cultural Activities and Cultural Management there is a student theater "Tuyerken", which is engaged in staging plays and theatrical performances of the city and republican scale. The theater won a laureate diploma in the X Anniversary International Project "Caravan of Artistic Summer Culture" on Wolin Island (festival and competition programs), Poland-Germany, and received an invitation to participate in a festival in Italy.
A great achievement and success of the Opera Studio of the institute is its participation in 2014 in the XXV International M.I. Glinka, student Ekaterina Koryakina (class of V.I. Kolodeznikova, accompanist L.A. Uskova), where she won the title of the 2nd prize laureate. The chairman of the jury, Vladislav Piavko, noted the good vocal school and the creative potential of the student. Students of the Opera Studio at the Department of Musical Art work as soloists and artists of the chorus of the State Theater of Opera and Ballet of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) named after I. D.K. Sivtsev-Suorun Omolloon, artists of the Symphony Choir of the Yakutsk State Philharmonic named after G.M. Krivoshapko, teachers of Children's Art School, private music schools.
The department of theatrical art is rich in achievements, the students of which are the future stars of the Yakut drama scene. While still students of the recognized masters Andrei Borisov, Efim Stepanov, Stepanida Borisova, they annually take part and win victories in republican and Russian theater festivals: in the republican "Desired Coast" and "Sata", the All-Russian student competition of readers in memory of Z.V. Savkova in St. Petersburg.
Students of the Department of Design and Decorative Arts of the Peoples of the Arctic periodically become diploma winners of the International Forum "Kitezh-Grad" and the All-Russian competition of innovative projects (Internet competition) "Wind of Dreams" in the field of interior design and "We live in Russia" in the field of landscape design. International competition of decorative, applied and monumental art within the framework of the International Festival of Arts "Amur Art Space", festivals of bone carving art and many others.
In 2016 the performance-play "Bird named AGIKI" (directed by A. Borisov) was created based on the story "Seagull named Jonathan Livingston" by R. Bach. The main theme of the production, in which reality and mythology intertwined, was the theme of flight, the search for oneself and one's path. The project has become a brilliant proof of the power of unity between students and teachers, graduates and fans of our creative higher school.
The artistic creativity of students is deservedly evaluated at all levels and competitions. Student groups annually take part in all significant cultural events of the city, republican, all-Russian and international levels.
The Institute organizes a number of significant creative forums and events, in particular: the All-Russian competition of performers on folk instruments "The Radiance of the Arctic", vocalists "The Voice of the Arctic", the International Arctic Triennial "Arctic Chronotope", the Republican Olympiad for schoolchildren "Culture and Art of the Arctic", the All-Russian competition performers of the epic "Epics of the Peoples of Russia", the International Project "Nomadic Scrolls", etc.
Since 2018 ASICA, the Yakutsk State Agricultural Academy and the Churapcha State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, have been implementing the republican project "Education + Culture". The organizers of the project united around the idea of ​​forming the ideal of a person of high culture, a healthy lifestyle, the master of his country, who knows how to work and create, based on the concept of an outstanding public figure A.E. Kulakovsky, which is set forth in a letter to the Yakut Intelligentsia (1912). The main task of the Yakut intelligentsia A.E. Kulakovsky saw in "a conscious, cultural and legal struggle for the right of the existence of his people through progress and culture." The project aims to promote through new forms of the phenomenon of national revival in the 21st century.
Career guidance work, master classes with students and teachers, concerts, the opening of "Internship sites", meetings with the heads of uluses and naslegs are included in the program of visiting the districts. The landing of 3 universities covered the territories of 9 uluses of the republic, innovative sites have been created in the Nyurba and Oymyakonsky uluses, the main goal of which is the planned, systematic career guidance work "Ticket to the Future". As a result, the project "Education + Culture" should achieve the creation of sites in all uluses of our republic.
In the new conditions of state policy in the field of higher education, the further development of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts will be aimed at creating a flexible and diversified vocational education system that meets the requirements of the labor market and the needs of an innovative economy, both in terms of educational programs and in terms of conditions and material -technical equipment of the learning process. In addition, in accordance with the requirements of the "National Project" Science ", the fundamental and applied scientific activities of the university will be expanded and strengthened by integrating ASICA into the world scientific community, establishing international contacts and developing cooperation with scientific and educational institutions and public organizations whose missions are associated with arctic humanitarian concept.